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Wedding Insurance


Wedding Liability Insurance

It’s no surprise that accidents happen. But on your wedding day, an unexpected slip up could mean the difference between happy smiles and low spirits. If someone slips on the dance floor, or the venue sustains damage, you could be held responsible.

Markel wants to help protect your special day—and your bottom line. With Wedding Liability Insurance, we cover you in the event of an accident or damages if you’re found legally responsible.

Save 15% on your premium when you add Wedding Cancellation & Postponement Insurance to your Wedding Liability coverage. Get total protection and a discount today! (AK and FL discount is 10%.)

Dance Until Sunrise Without Worry.

Markel Wedding Liability Insurance provides coverage for damages for which you are responsible if there is an accident at your event that causes injury or property damage. The policy covers your ceremony and reception, and if your rehearsal dinner is within 48 hours of your event, we’ll cover that too. We’ll also cover set-up and removal within 24 hours of the event. Best of all, coverage can be purchased up to one day before your wedding date.

Wedding Liability Insurance provides the following primary coverage:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability – Up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 total
  • Host Liquor Liability Insurance*
  • Cancellation Endorsement, optional

*Please note. You may remove Host Liquor Liability for alcohol-related occurrences if you will not be serving alcohol at your rehearsal or wedding reception. Your premium will be reduced if you exclude this coverage.

Additional insured? Never an additional charge.

Many venues now require event liability insurance. Generally, the venue will be named as “Additional Insured” on the Certificate of Insurance. Markel includes this with your policy at no extra cost.